Thursday, October 19, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Return to the Hills of Despair: A Dragon Rampant AAR

After a couple of weeks off, I just needed a fun, simple game we could jump back into. We returned to our fantasy semi-campaign using Dragon Rampant.
The Forces of Chaos and Darkness needed to open the portal to the Outer Dark located in the Hills of Despair.
The only forces left to stop them were the Men of the West, the Arch Mage Kronos and Warriors Four, a band of great adventurers pledged to save the day.

Besides having both sides pick 3 quests for their sides, I distributed 6 tokens to each side to use as rerolls they could use during the game. These were luck, blessings, favors from their gods.
Both sides quickly moved across the battlefield, but it was the Forces of Chaos that reach the Portal first.
Kronos summoned a great Stone Titan to sweep the chaos host from the hill.
The Titan took two hits, rolled snake eyes on his Courage test and melted away as quickly as he appeared....

The Warriors Four led by the vaunted knight Francois de Porc-Blanc, clashed with the Orcs. Trolls, Ogres and orcs fled before them. Only the hobgoblin prickers remained.
On the other end of the field, the Northmen, fooled into a pack with the dark gods, did battle with the Men of the West. It see-sawed back and forth, but soon, the barbarians pushed the noble warriors back.

As the night grew late, it was clear the Forces of Chaos were winning. Only the Warriors Four (now Three) were any any shape to stem the tide.
In the end, the bad guys held the ground, but the Good guys had fulfilled the most quests. A draw, but dark forces were about to be unleashed.
Amid the battle, a lone figure was spotted. A naked man with a PBR, sporting a Wiley Games logo on his cape. The Buck-Naked Baron!?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Mostly Monthly 99¢ scenario now available

This time, it's for Horse & Musket. It's a fun little scenario I ran at Maneuver-Con last month.

 "A small group of German mercenaries have been left to guard a wagon load of black powder on its way to a British depot. The Hessians have stopped for the night, waiting to link up with reinforcements in the morning. Little do theyknow Continental forces are moving in on the tired Hessians."
Available at Wargames Vault and Wiley Games.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gaming somewhere between Wargames and Boardgames

More and more games seem to be blurring the lines between tabletop war-games and traditional boardgames. A couple of case in points were the games we played Game Night and over the weekend.
I picked up Massive Darkness as a Kickstarter. One of those it took so long to fulfill I almost forgot about it. But it was well worth it! To start, the miniatures. like most CMON games, are fantastic. I got soooooooo many. The game itself is fantastic. Three turns in and most of my gaming club were on their phones preordering for the non-Kickstarter.

As a dungeon crawler, they pack a lot into a simple system. I imagine a a lot of replay, completing all the quests with different characters. You can play solo, too.
I played again this weekend with the Boy. We lost twice but had a lot of fun.

We then tried a little GW gladiator game that snuck in under the radar: GORECHOSEN. I'm not much for the goofy background, but the core mechanics are smooth, and nice. I picked them up purely to steal the mechanics for my project, the Great Goblin Games. I'll be replacing the skull encrusted, blood spattered Khorne champions for some goblin gladiators.

Friday, September 8, 2017

GASLIGHT: Mana from Heaven

It's been over a month since we gamed at my house. That drew everyone out of their dark holes. With 8 players, I decided to return to an old favorite: GASLIGHT.
A meteorite chuck-full of X-Matter broke up and fell to Earth over a small Belgian town. The Great Powers sent expeditionary forces to claim the rocks. That much of the mysterious substance would power a a whole fleet of airships!

Amazingly, all but one contraption rumbled to life on the first turn, even notoriously fickle beasts like the Killenkanner and the L'Roue.
Both sides quickly grabbed pieces of X-Matter closest to their baselines. The Unicycle Uhlans, seeing an opening, dashed out the last piece near the bridge. Unfortunately for them, X-Matter's properties are not follow understood. It had quickly mutated an otherwise harmless river eel into a giant monster!
One Uhlan was devoured immediately.

Two groups of Germans were caught in the open and shredded, but the Anglo-French force lost a a walker to the accurate fire of the Lady Hussar's Electro Cannon.
Meanwhile, more struggles for the Hun. The Killenkanner crashed while trying to cross a rickety bridge while the Wespe fell from the sky, failing it's "Sustain" with a roll of 20.
But, the Unicyclers rallied and valiantly charged the Beast. It fell under the repeated thrusts of their lances, but not before taking a few cyclist with it.
As the night drew late and the Chiefs game suddenly more interesting, we called it a draw and opened a bottle of spirits.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The New 99¢ Mostly Monthly Scenario

Available now at:
Wargames Vault and Wiley Games

"Out west of town is a area of dense brush, broken hills and cacti, simply known as the Badlands. The Badlands are inhabited by rattlesnakes, scorpions, renegade Indians and one Sagebrush Sam.
Sam is a bit off his rocker, as you might expect for someone living in such an awful place. But Old Sagebrush might just  be in possession of a map to a mysterious cave full of lost Conquistador gold!
The hard part will be finding him."

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


We had another successful weekend at RECRUITS, both as a vendor and as a GM.

I ran two Fistful of Lead Wild West games Friday night. Both times El Guano escaped with Baby Faced Fenster in tow, but each was a nail biter to the end.
Then, Saturday morning were two Fistful of Lead games for the Viva Revolucion! supplement, the Battle of Casas Grande. The first battle the Federal garrison was overrun, but the second game they managed to hold out.

The final game Saturday evening was a Fistful of Lead game used as Pulp SciFi game starring Dash Dixon, hero of the Spaceways. This was another place test of arts for an upcoming title, possibly a Kickstarter. Dash had to get a captured Imperial robot across the crowded backwater spaceport to his waiting ship. There robot had half of Emperor Xorg-Khan's plans for his latest terror weapon: the Murder Moon! The other half of the plans were stored on another robot wandering around the spaceport.
I included a joker in the deck to give some random events. The first one activated the Spaceport Security to be used by the player playing the joker.
The second Joker randomly moved all the wandering Robots, while third Joker played gave the player the use of Vanz Glortho, intergalactic villain.
In the end, the Robot Legion nabbed the robot from Dash, who was knocked out early on. Don't worry folks, it was only a flesh wound.
Just by coincidence, there was another GM running a Fistful of Lead Magnificent Seven game. Wish I'd have taken a picture. It looked great.

But the highlight, as usual, was the great looking and fun game hosted by Cluck Amok. His 54mm French and Indian War game using Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket through a lot of sales our way. I was busy hosting my own games but there was a lot of hoops and hollers coming from the table.
Thanks to everyone who played, and the great folks at RECRUITS.